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Rugged, ultra-low-profile 4.3 in (11cm), high throughput (up to 10 Mbps), transponder bandwidth efficient, SATCOM-on-the-Move (SOTM) antenna supports robust IP Networks, streaming video and VOIP. It provides a unique SOTM solution for News Media/Broadcast, Disaster Recovery, First Response, Homeland Security, Surveillance/Security, Trains, Public Transit and Many others.

Features and Benefits

Low Profile, Light Weight, and Simple Installation
Lowest profile commercially available SATCOM antenna in the world Installs on any vehicle using standard roof rack

Efficient Transponder Bandwidth Utilization
Return Link Equivalent to 88cm x 36cm (35in x 14in) Parabolic 1-2 bits/Hz Return Link (no spreading required)
FCC approved up to 18.4 dBW/4kHz (FCC VMES 44 C.F.R 25.226)

High Data Rates
49-52 dBW EIRP with Internal 40W BUC (56 to 59 dBW with External BUC) HD Back-Haul Capable (up to 10 Mbps)

Broadband World-Wide Coverage and Availablity
Full International (Ku-band) Frequency Coverage
All-Latitude Availability with Full Equatorial, High-Skew, and Near-Zenith Ops

Maintain connectivity in-route at highway speeds. Recover connectivity instantly after sustained blockages