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VSAT Services

ICCSAT’s satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in any environment.


Designed to provide secure, hi-speed fixed bandwidth satellite connectivity.


SCPC-DVB Dedicated Services SCPC/DVB is widely used for access to internet services.

Point to Point

Link is a dedicated link that connects exactly two communication facilities.

Point to Multipoint

Communication which is accomplished via a specific and distinct type of multipoint connection.

Mesh Service

A type of networking wherein each site in the network may act as an independent router.

Video Conference

Telecom technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously.

Internet Services

Provide internet broadband connection to the end customer based on their requirements.

IP Connectivity

IP Connection using high speed satellite internet with first class customer support.

VSAT Solutions

Military Defense

Secure broadband communication for every military application and provide recreation welfare services for troops deployed far from home.

Oil and Gas

Provide the reliable connectivity essential to profitable operations Increasingly sophisticated drilling operations and practices are driving fundamental changes to the way information data, voice and video is accessed and processed.

Enterprise Connectivity

Global connectivity is essential. Organizations need a single, integrated IP network that merges voice, data and video and supports all business applications across the enterprise anyplace, anytime.

Municipal Solutions

Meeting the needs of diverse markets A good business continuity and disaster preparedness plan must be fast, reliable and able to provide the same functionality as the wireless network.

Video Surveillance

A satellite surveillance system and method of using comprising at least one analog video camera for recording a video stream in a remote location.

Maritime Connectivity

Simple voice service no longer satisfies a ship’s communication requirements. Vessels at sea now need to operate as remote offices and require the same always-on, high-speed connectivity used on land.

Satellite Coverages


Powerful coverage across all major cities in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen and many more.


The advanced satellite at 46.0°E provides high powered state of the art satellite capacity across the African continent


With twenty-eight simultaneously active transponders, W6 provides a widebeam coverage of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


The high power Ku-band payload will provide video and data services for the Middle East and Indian Ocean regions.